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Florencia Montefalcone (b.1991, Buenos Aires) is a multidisciplinary artist who finds inspiration in performance, photography, and textiles. Her work delves into the intricate world of women's image creation, shedding light on its profound impact on self-appreciation and societal perceptions. By hand-painting silk and weaving garments, Montefalcone infuses each piece with intention, empowering individuals with the transformative experience of wearing art that embodies empowerment, authenticity, and a reimagined narrative.

Appropriation of Whitney Hubbs by Florencia Montefalcone, Body Surrogate #2 (self portrait), 2021



California College of the Arts

Graduated from California College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Double Major in Photography and Textiles. Recipient of Faculty Honors Award Scholarship.


San Francisco Art Institute

Started pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. SFAI gave place and inspired my Performance practice. Recipient of Presidential Scholarship.


Universidad de Buenos Aires FADU

Started pursuing a degree in Fashion Design and then switched into Industrial Design. Ended up dropping out to travel the world and learn to surf. 


Escuela Argentina de Fotografia

Since I was 16 years old I cultivated my interest in photography at this school, taking after school photo classes. I went back for an Advanced Photography course to become a commercial fashion photographer.

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