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Leaving the mannequin behind

Intrigued by the idea of creating a DIY mannequin using packing tape, I decided to document the process with my camera. As I wrapped my entire body in the transparent tape, the images revealed to me a powerful metaphor of socially constructed femininity. Witnessing my body's shape being both contained and constrained by the tape, I couldn't help but see the symbolic representation of how societal norms often restrict and define our identities.

With scissors in hand, I finally cut myself free from the plastic wrapping. The tight tape, which once compressed my body, now resembled a discarded skin or mask, devoid of power in the absence of my physical presence. The experience triggered a multitude of questions and thoughts. I found myself reflecting on my own gender performance, while a friend contemplated his obsession with success, and someone else confronted their body dysmorphia.

So, I wonder, when you look at those images, what do you see within that tape? Each person's perspective holds the potential to reveal unique insights into the complexities of our identities and the influence of societal expectations.

Live performance for Phenomenal Will show curated by Claire Dunn at Thirdspace SF. Nov. 18 2022

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