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Life Performances: performances carried out through daily life, are my field of research. Why? Because I'm passionate about understanding how our bodily experience determines the ways in which we experience our lives. 

Leaving The Plastic Mannequin Behind

A performance for the camera where the artist attempts making a DIY mannequin. The documentation revealed the metaphor of socially constructed femininity. The tape that tightly compressed my body became a skin left behind like a mask-- powerless with the absence of my body.

Textile Sculptures

Textile sculptures activated by bodies. When people wear the silks I paint, they become alive. The characters blend with the surface of the wearer’s body, they move with the person’s life, at the same time that person is caressed and taken care by the soft texture of the silk. A sense of pleasure of being covered with silk, it gently warms and softly embraces one’s body. These silk pieces become amulets, they embody a sense of safety– the sense that allows and confirms the wearer that they are allowed to feel pleasure, they are alive to choose everything that makes them feel joy. In a world where we are taught that sacrifice is the way to success, to choose joy and pleasure instead is a form of rebellion.

Textile Sculptures

Sculptures of Vanity

Covered in cold and hardening giesso with closed eyes. A longer statement will be here, stay tuned.

Hair Performance Video

My hair is a conversation. My hair is an opinion, a suggestion, a compliment and a jealousy. My hair is discipline and care. My hair is an extra limb, a consequence and a cause. 

My hair is an expectation: of gender, socio-economic status, of behavior. Within my hair is the history of feminine validation, the judgment of proper gender behavior, of satisfaction, taste, success, of beauty. My hair is an achievement, a triumph. Within my hair lies the burden of approval of how I look, what would look better, how I should take care of it. My hair is cherished and despised, depending on where it is found. 


Where do these creations come from? How did they fall over my existence? How did they affect the decisions I made? 

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